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Flexible Microfiber Cleaning Duster with Extendable Rod

Flexible Microfiber Cleaning Duster with Extendable Rod

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Introducing the game-changing 5ft Multipurpose Duster


Conveniently Detachable and Washable:
The extendable duster features a removable head that can be easily washed, making maintenance a breeze. It offers the flexibility to be used for both wet and dry cleaning purposes.

Diverse Range of Applications:
Perfect for effectively removing dust from cars, computers, air conditioning units, TVs, and various household appliances. Additionally, it excels at eliminating dust from sofas, tables, cabinets, and more, providing comprehensive cleaning capabilities.

Telescopic Reach:
Equipped with an extendable handle, this tool is designed to access elevated areas such as ceiling fans, lights, bulbs, and cabinet tops. extension of up to 6 feet.

Premium Microfiber Build:
Crafted from high-quality microfiber material, this duster stands out for its washable, soft, and durable attributes. With its exceptional construction, the duster's fibers are unlikely to shed easily. Plus, the added convenience of detaching the duster from the handle makes washing a breeze, ultimately saving you valuable time and effort during cleaning sessions.

Adaptable and Bendable Head:
The duster's head boasts a flexible and bendable design, enabling it to conform to multiple angles for efficient room dusting. Its versatile nature allows it to reach and clean virtually any corner, effortlessly wiping away dust from various surfaces. The telescopic duster's multipurpose functionality is further enhanced by its 360-degree flexible feature, ensuring comprehensive cleaning coverage.

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